Track and Trace

1. How do I know if my order is shipped?

Please log in your account and go to 'View Order Status'. You will see the tracking number on the page. Every order will be dispatched within 2-4 working days unless the item is out of stock and we will send an email to notify you. 


2. What does my order status mean?

Your order is confirmed: We have received your payment and we are processing your order now. Package will be dispatched within 2-4 working days (excluding Public Holidays in Malaysia and weekend). 

Shipped With Tracking Number : Your order has been shipped out and tracking number is available in your order details.


3. Where can I find my tracking number?

Please log in your account and go to View Order Status -> View Order Details. Tracking number is available under Tracking Link column.


4. Where should I trace my package?

Standard Registered Airmail - Please visit to SingPost your country local postal service website.

United States - USPS (traceable after the package has arrived in United States)

Express/Expedited Shipping 

i) Fedex -

ii) Aramex -


5. How long does the package take to reach me?

Please refer to Shipping page. Estimation time of arrival does not include order processing time which is between 2-4 working days. 


6. Do I need to be at home during delivery of package?

Yes, someone is required to sign the package as a proof of acceptance. If there is no one at home, postman will leave a notice for you. Pick up location will be written in the note as well. You are advised to collect the package within 10 working days else the package will be returned to us. PRe-shipping cost will be beared by receiver. 


7. It has been longer than the estimated delivery time and I have not received my package yet.

Delay shipment is rare but unfortunately does occur from time to time. Rhere are a couple of reasons that may cause delay of shipment such as Customs Clearance, transport conditions(e.g. boat traffic in certain areas) and volume of mail traffic. Please allow maximum 30 days before filing an inquiry with us. 

Shipment to certain countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Guam may take longer time than standard time frame. Please allow up to 40 working days for delivery to these countries. 


8. For U.S. customers. USPS website showed the tracking status as ' Origin is preparing shipment'. When I called to USPS, I was told that the package is still in origin place. Is that means that the package still has not dispatched?

The status of 'origin is preparing shipment' shown in USPS website actually means that the package has arrived in US inbound. It also means that the local postal service is preparing to dispatch the package and it should arrive at your doorstep shortly. If the status is taking too long time to change (up to one month), please contact us and we will file investigation with our postal service. Your patience is greatly appreaciated.

*We noticed that when customers call up to USPS the staff would interpret 'Origin is Preparing Shipment' as the package has not left origin country. Please note that the actual circumstance is that the package has already arrived in US inbound, otherwise there is no shipping upadates if package is not in United States.

9. What should I do if the postal service returned my package to COS Village?

Package will be returned to us if only the shipping address is incomplete or no one collects the package after the last collection time. Customers have to pay for second shipping fee to redispatch the package. Second shipment will only be arranged after we have received the returned package. 


10. I received an invoice from courier service provider to collect payment from me. Why am I charged while I paid for shipping fees already?

The invoice you received is the duties or taxes charges applied by your country custom. It is paid to your country custom department instead of the courier service or COS Village. We do not hold the responsibility of tax and duties charged over these government-imposed charges.  


11. My order appears to be lost in transit.  What should I do?

In the unlikely event your order is lost in transit, please contact us immediately. An investigation will be first filed after receiving your email and further action will be taken by our shipping agent until the guaranteed arrival date has passed. The entire process usually takes another 30 days. CosVillage does not want our customers to be without their purchase for too long. While the ‘lost’ shipment is under investigation, we will send a replacement package, on the strict understanding that customer are responsible for the replacement order, including shipping and handling charges. If the order is returned to the us and our shipping agent accepts responsibility for the error, we will reship your order at no expense.


12. My package is held in customs

Please be informed that whenever an import shipment arrives in the destination country, customs clearance is always required. Although the courier attempts to clear your package as soon as possible; customs does randomly inspect package where they require additional information to have the goods / packages to be cleared. This kind of inspection can take up to 30 days and sometimes even longer for the customs to check the contents of the package and value of the goods were declared accurately. However, once customs releases the seized shipment, your local courier service provider will make the final delivery on the following working day. Although rare, it is possible that a package did not pass the customs clearing process, addressee will be contacted via lcocal mail for more information.

If your package is unfortunately being held in customs for a longer time, we would like to offer you few solutions:

  1. Second shipment will be arranged and the second shipment handling fees will be waived out as a compensation for the inconvenience caused from customs and cause of a delayed delivery.
  2. If you prefer a refund instead, 15% of the total order value will be imposed for administration, shipping and packaging cost (package held in customs is beyond our control). However, we will offer you a 20% discount coupon code with no expiry date for your next purchase as compensation.