Dueba Lens

Puffy 3 Tones and Natural 3 Tones circle lenses are the best selling circle lenses in Dueba. The 3 color tones design blends with dark/light eyes naturally and with the inner sparkling design enhances your iris for a fuller big eyes effect. Puffy 3 Tones and Natural 3 Tones cosmetic contacts complements light and dark eyes perfectly with its gorgeous glittering effect at the center. Princess Nudy cosmetic contacts are vivid and obvious even in dark eyes. BT 15 colored circle lenses have a thick outer ring (known as limbal ring) that gives you a dolly look. Thick bold rim presents you with a more dramatic and defined look. How can you become a gyaru model? First your eyes have to be dolly, cute and pop.  The unique patterns and spectacular motif in the contacts turn your eyes noticeably much bigger and bolder. Diameter of the contact lenses are available in 14.2mm, 14.8mm and 15mm. People who start wearing circle lenses are suggested to wear 14.2mm for utmost comfortability.

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