Travelling with Contact Lenses? 7 Tips for a Better Trip with Them!

Travelling with Contact Lenses? 7 Tips for a Better Trip with Them!

Are you going on a summer trip soon? Whether you are going for business or vacation, it is important that you choose the right contact lenses to bring along on your trip. Otherwise, your travels might be mildly ruined by unforeseen circumstances, like losing your contact lenses. And that is the thing you do not want to happen!


1. Check-in a travel-sized contact lens solution bottle, but also pour some solution into a clear bottle to bring on the plane  


Depending on the length of your trip, a small travel-sized contact lens solution bottle should be enough for most business trips or short-term vacations. Make sure you do check-in a bottle of solution in your luggage, because you might not be able to get one immediately when you land. Just in case, pour some solution out into a smaller container and label it in your carry-on. This way, even if your luggage is delayed, you can still remove your contact lenses in a hygienic manner. Meanwhile, having Rohto Lycee Contact Eyedrops with you can refresh and rehydrate sore and tired eyes. 
2. Bring hand sanitiser to handle your contact lenses better!

In case your contact lenses itch or feel uncomfortable in the middle of your flight, you can always use hand sanitiser to remove and pop them back in (with solution, of course), instead of waiting for the plane toilet to be free. Remember that the plane is filled with germs, however, so be careful not to let your contact lens rest on any part of your tray table.


3. Bring daily contact lenses instead of weeklies or monthlies

Daily contact lenses and  monthly contact lenses are made thinner and more lighter, so they will be more comfortable for you throughout your journey compared to the others. PLUS, they are easier to dispose of. Remember to bring a couple of extra daily contact lenses when on your trip, so you will still have contact lenses to wear even if one tears or disappears accidentally.


4. Keep all your contact lenses in a clear box in your luggage when checking in

If you are bringing dailies, prepare a clear box as well to put all your eye-related items in. This allows you easily see what you are reaching for when you are picking out a pair to wear, and also to keep them all neatly without them getting crushed by your other items (like your shoes, for example) during your flight. There could be a moment you need friend's help to take your contact lens from your suitcase.


5. Wear your glasses on the plane / check-in your glasses

If you are short-sighted and definitely need eyewear to see properly. If possible, try not wearing contact lenses on the plane. The air in the plane is extremely drying, which may irritate your eyes even further if you have contact lenses in. If you MUST have your contact lenses in on the plane, however, do remember to prepare additional solution or contact lens eyedrop. Do not leave your glasses at home, though - check them in on the flight or bring them on the carry-on so that you can have a pair to rely on to see.


6. Bring sunglasses

If the place you are going to is sunny, remember to bring your UV-protection sunglasses, as most contact lenses do not have UV-protection. Your eyes are your most important asset, so make sure you protect both them AND your contact lenses!


7. If you plan to swim, wear (prescription) goggles

Having a beach holiday, or planning to swim in the pool? If you plan to spend a long amount of time in the water, try avoiding wearing contact lenses. If you need to rely on contact lenses to see, why not get prescription goggles instead?


If you MUST have contact lenses in, you are advised to have daily disposable colored contact lens. Since you will be throwing them away at the end of the day, any bacteria that may have found its way to your lenses will have less chances of infecting your eyes. It is possible to go travelling with contact lenses, but make sure you keep these 7 tips in mind so that you do not end up choosing the wrong pair, or worse, be stuck with none! May you have a safe and enjoyable trip with contact lenses! 


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