The Blue Color Contact Lenses You Should Try Once

The Blue Color Contact Lenses You Should Try Once

Blue eyes are one of the most striking eye colours humans can have. Bright blue eyes are immediately noticeable and attractive. Celebrities like Zac Efron, Emma Stone, Ian Somerhalder, and Taylor Swift are some of the stars that sport a pair of alluring blue eyes.


There’s just something about blue eyes that immediately grabs attention, especially because they are uncommon. Of course, while it is impossible for dark eyes to have natural blue eyes due to the high level of pigment melanin, luckily there are plenty of blue contact lenses to be found online, especially here at LensVillage.


Here are the 5 types of blue contact lenses you should wear at least once in your life - why not get a pair today to get your pretty blue eyes?


1. One-toned Opaque Colored Contacts

Twilight Blue and i.Fairy Moonlite Blue

One-toned Opaque Colored Contacts

The blue one-toned opaque-coloured lenses are great to wear when you want contact lenses that are noticeably blue, and yet still want people to focus on your pupils. With visibly structured “separations” between the blue colour and the dark colour of your pupils, you will seem extremely expressive with your eyes.


2. One-toned Bright Colored Contacts 

Starry Eye Blue and i.Fairy Super Crystal Blue

One-toned Bright Blue Colored Contact Lens

Unlike the one-toned opaque-coloured contact lenses, these contact lenses do not have such a visible separation of iris and pupil. With a look that is all focused on the iris, this type of contact lens will have your eyes seem bigger than they really are.

3. Two-toned Colored Contacts

Geo Tri Color Blue CM-904 and Gothic 3 Tones Blue

2 tones colored contact lens blue

Much like the above one-toned bright-coloured contact lenses, the only major difference here is that you will have people guessing the colour of your eyes as the two colour tones mixes evenly on the lens. 

4. Three-toned Colored Contacts

Puffy 3 Tones Blue and ICK Gaudy Blue

Three-toned Colored Contacts Puffy Blue lens

As its name suggest, the three-toned colour contact lenses has three colours on the lens. In most three-toned colour lenses, however, the three colours do not mix as evenly as the colours on the two-toned lens. The blue will stand out more, while the other colours add to the illusion of a galaxy-like vision in your eyes.

5. Dark-rimmed Colored Contacts   

Geo Berry Holic Blue CM-952 and Geo Angel Blue CM-832

Dark-rimmed Colored Contacts

Finally, there’s the dark-rimmed blue colour contact lenses. There’s a visible dark border surrounding your iris with these lenses, defining your irises even more when you wear this pair.


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