Should I wear circle lens / cosmetic colored contacts?

Should I wear circle lens / cosmetic colored contacts?

Big and round eyes may have seen as pretty for you. However, they are people who have narrow eyes and therefore they appear to be smaller they peer out from behind the pronounced epicanthal folds. The typical is rarely the beautiful (my opinion). Was your attention drawn to Lady Gaga’s eyes when you watched her ‘Bad Romance’ music video? Her huge anime-style white googley- eyes was spotted and the big eye trend has started since then.

should i wear circle lens / cosmetic colored contacts?

Circle lenses (or known as cosmetic contacts) are designed to make wearer look as though they have enlarged eyes. It changes the tone of the wearer’s natural eye color to sometimes an extreme degree. Your eyes absolutely appear sparkling, colorful, and more prominent. This gives wearer a doe-eyed appearance  while this trend has gone mainsteam in Japan and South Korea for gyaru and ulzzang look respectively. 

Circle lenses are worn to make your iris appear wider, which gives the illusion that you have big(ger) eyes. The center of these lenses are transparent, allowing you to see through them clearly (so make sure you order yours one with a prescription), but there is a color ring around this optical zone that extends out into the white part of the eye. Apparently, the illusion of a larger iris equates to the perception of a larger eye. Contact lenses offer a good alternative to eyeglasses yet probably not every contact lens may suitable for your eyes due to different base curve and diamater. The risk of wearing circle lens cannot be totally eliminated.

Colored contacts come in various colors, designs, diameters, base curves and styles. If you prefer to have a natural and laid back look, you would like Geolica Euro Lady Pearl Grey GS-A15 and Puffy 3 Tones Brown Lens << Look, we are having promotion for Puffy 3 Tones circle lenses now , $22 shipping inclusive <<. Some people would like to have a dramatic effect that even noticeable from far, then you should go for Kimchi Bambi Grey Lens and Pop.C Light Blue Lens. Cosplayers would like to have colored contacts to imitate the eyes of various animals or even anime characters, such as Geo Animation White CP-F1 for zombie, skeleton, witch and etc; Geo Crazy Cat Woman Lens SFY05 to accentuate cat cosplay. There are absolutely more ideas out there.

'Wearing circle lens like wearing mascara or eyeliner'. – Ms. Kim 

‘Lenses makes my eyes look bigger.' - Kristin

Back to the point, should you wear circle lenses to make your eyes appear to be larger and more attractive? The answer is rather subjective. For more health care information, kindly visit FDA.
Plese watch the video below and let the videos show you how these beautiful colored lenses complement your daily look.

Happy watching!
Circle lens on brown eyes (before and close up shots are between 0:35 and 0:40 minute)


Circle lens on light eyes (watch from 2:46 to 2:55 for the lovely eyes)


Click here for more bright colored lenses

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