Let's Look Fabulous in Spring Season

Let's Look Fabulous in Spring Season

It cannot be better than bringing the vivid colors (in pattern) to get yourself into the swing of spring. Research says that wearing bright colors can have psychological effect as color evokes the feeling of happiness. So, hands up if you are a bright color lovers!

Other than wearing brilliant color attire, you can have a pair of dazzling eyes with colored contacts lens too! We have gathered 7 most flattering and colourful cosmetic contacts you would love in this spring season. These specially selected contacts are absolutely giving you a bright, fun and refreshing look. Ready to impress and create fabulous spring looks.

Featuring: ICK Gaudy Grey , ICK Gaudy Blue & ICK Gaudy Brown

1. Geolica Euro Lady Brown GS-A14

Geolica Euro Lady series is one of the best selling colored eye contacts in our store. The brown color is opaque and pops up in dark and brown eyes. This is the result which people who have dark eyes are looking for, isn't it?

Geolica Euro Lady Brown colored contacts

Geolica Euro Lady series ( $22.90 / pair) is available at 5 different colors (Pearl Grey, Lime Green, Aqua Blue, Brown and Cobalt Blue)


3. Crayon 217 Blue 

Crayon 217 may not be the popular series to you but this series adds slight blue tint to your dark eyes with its unique pattern with colored fleckes to draw light in. With only $19.50 /pair, add this into your colored contatct enses collection for a different look some time.

crayon 217 blue

Crayon 213 series  ($19.50 / pair) is available at 6 different colors (Blue, BrownGreyGreen, Violet and Pink). 


3. Geolica Euro Celine Pure Hazel FL-D34

When Geolica Euro Lady Brown may look one tone darker for you, you should take a look at Geolica Euro Lady Brown color contact lenses. Hazel color is a combination of green and brown colours. So if you have light eyes, hazel color lenses probably suits you better.

Geolica Euro Celine Pure Hazel FL-D34

Geolica Euro Celine series ($22.90 / pair)is available in 6 colors (Blue, BrownGreen, Grey, Pure HazelViolet)


4. Barbie Doll Grey Lens

This is interesting! Do you wish to look like a barbie doll? Barbie's makeup does sound exaggerating and you can mild it all the way down by wearing only this Barbie Doll circle lenses with minimum makeup. It really gives the dimension to your eyes. Little tip: .apply eyelid base or iridescent pinky white over eye lids. The photo below shows before and after wearing Barbie Doll Grey circle lens.

barbie doll eyes

Barbie Doll series ($25.00 / pair)is available in 5 colors ( Blue, Green, Grey, Pink and Violet).


5. ICK Gaudy Blue Lens

Colourful and vibrant! More than 500 pairs were sold in one week when we first launched ICK Gaudy series! The brightness blue color in combination of brown hue shimmers at the slightest hint of light. This intense blue shade looks best in light eyes. Shout out to you who have light eyes, do not miss this chance to ICK Gaudy Blue for only $24 per pair. 

ick gaudy blue close up

ICK Gaudy series ($24.00 / pair)is available in 3 exciting colors (Blue, Brown and Grey)


Spring is definitely a season to shine so let's get ready for it and make sure you have a a pair of bright colored contacts for your outings.  If you need any advice on choosing the best shade for your eye color, drop an email to support@lensvillage.com.

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