Difference between Gyaru & Ulzzang

Difference between Gyaru & Ulzzang

There might be a lot of you who are constantly getting confused with the difference between Gyaru and Ulzzang style. So what is the difference between these two styles and which should you really go for? LensVillage is going to do some neutral comparisons between both styles and you can pick the one that you think suits you the most!

tell me the difference between gyaru hime and ulzzang style

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Let us start this off with a little introduction on both the styles.

‘Gyaru’ means girl in Japanese. This is also a term used to describe young girls who hang around in the fashionable streets in Japan. The Gyaru style or Gyaru make up is referred to as Charismatic Girls, and this style mainly emphasizes on eye make up, with a pair of sparkling eyes over blushing cheeks and shinning lips. This style has its own trend and but as time goes by, it has actually toned down to a lower key compared to the old school Gyaru make up. Where as ‘Ulzzang’, on the other hand, is more of a Korean style that has a meaning of ‘best face’ or ‘good looking’ in Korean word. Ulzzang style stresses more on the natural side of a person that some people also define as ‘no make up look’ or a natural look, focusing on the perfect complexion, and defined eyebrows.


1. Make-up

Gyaru Make-Up

Gyaru is a more daring and exciting style. The style of Gyaru is basically standing out. As mentioned, Gyaru make up style emphasizes on heavy eye make up, so do expect some bright and colorful eyeliners and eye shadow, with thick mascara and false eye lashes which is compulsory for Gyaru make up. There are tons of different styles of Gyaru around and you can go as wild as you desire. For Gyaru style, people do not only stick to brown colored contacts; if you are observant enough, you may be able to see many different colors and designs of circle lenses being worn by people who adopt this style. It elaborates on fake eyelashes too especially bottom eyelashes. The Gyaru make up fashion is meant for girls who are not afraid to catch the eye of the crowd and be the center of attraction. If you like having a look that stands out, this is a definitely a good choice for you.

Circle lens for gyaru style

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Ulzzang Make-Up

As for Korean beauty style, the main focus is more to achieving flawless complexion. Thus, most of the Korean beauty products are designed to smooth out your skin and complexion without covering it such as putting on some BB cream that is very close to your original skin tone. This will make it seem like you are not wearing any make-ups. Though Ulzzang styles do make use fake eyelashes and circle lenses too, but this style is usually leaning more towards the natural colors. Ulzzang make up also highlights more on eye make up but leaving the lips totally natural with only lip balm. Ulzzang styles are more suitable for those who prefer refined eyeliner over some intense mascara and fake eye lashes. You can pick some peach, beige, or even light pink lipstick for this style, and go along with the famous straight Korean eyebrows to look perfectly Ulzzang! 

natural contacts for ulzzang style

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2. Hair style

Gyaru Hair

People who adore the Gyaru hairstyle will usually opt for a lighter brown as the color for their hairs. There are also some trends where they go for the blonde hair color but the trend does change as time goes by. The Gyaru style does not usually opt for straight hair (you will still see it but rarely), as you will come by more of the curled or waved hair. Hairdos like tying up ponytails, pigtails, or even buns can be pretty common! Some of them also use hairpieces at times as to add some extra body to their hair to get the best style out of it. Gyaru style lovers will tend to use more hair accessories too.

gyaru style example


Ulzzang Hair

Ulzzang hairstyle projects its flavors through natural hair colors such as black and browns. It is very unlikely for an Ulzzang to get their hair dyed in colors that does not sit below the shades of medium brown and for this, girls tend to turn to wigs and extensions as a solution if their natural hair colors are lighter. This is a subtle style that does not require the use of elaborate hairpieces or hairdos as it is typically kept natural or waved in sweet and easy to do styles.

ulzzang style example


3. Fashion

Gyaru Fashion

Gyaru is a very loud and flashy style that is ever changing with its subcategories. The styles are very wide and distinct as it can never be pinpointed on a certain look but it is judged based on whether the look you are wearing makes a statement or not. Gyaru acts as an amplifier in the fashion world in Japan, as it takes current fashion trends and blows them up in scale. If you think you are turning heads, then yes, you are on the right track.

gyaru fashion


Ulzzang Fashion

Ulzzang fashion on the other hand is the opposite of Gyaru Fashion as it is not gaudy. Instead, it only keeps track of the Korean Fashion trends and emphasizes on the overall look and comfort of the style. This ultimately relates to its name “Ulzzang” which carries the meaning of, “best face” in Korean. This could mean that you can wear a pretty little dress today and a comfy jumper the next day as long as it is comfortable and brings out the most pleasant and adorable side of yourself.

ulzzang fashion

In conclusion both styles contain many similar adaptations but they both are really quite different from each other. These two styles cater to different groups of people and are constantly sharing many similar fashion elements amongst each other as trends come and go. An Ulzzang may choose to purchase fashion items from a common Gyaru brand but that does not make them Gyaru and likewise, a Gyaru choosing to wear an Ulzzang brands does not immediately make them an Ulzzang.


For both ulzzang and gyaru style, dolly contact lens is a MUST! Best is those with a black rim to create big eyes effect.

So what is your favourite?

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