7 Grey Contact Lenses To Wear To Your First Date

7 Grey Contact Lenses To Wear To Your First Date

When it comes to contact lens colours, blue, green, and even brown are popular colours that people immediately think of. After all, these are the top natural eye colours that are often seen in media, so it makes sense that those colours will immediately come to mind. However, there are also many other colour contact lenses to try out. One of the best colours to try out in contact lenses is the colour GREY.

A colour that ranges from softly bright to darkly stormy in lenses, grey as an eye colour is perfect when you don’t want your eyes to stand out too much, but you still want them to be noticeable. In fact, grey lenses are a perfect colour to wear during your first date. This is so that you look gorgeous, but your eyes aren’t distracting your date too much from paying attention to what you have to say or do. 

Looking for grey colored contact lens to wear? Here’s LensVillage top 7 picks for lenses you can wear on a first date! 



Want a sparkly effect to your eyes? Try out Puffy 3 Tones Grey cosmetic lens that will enlarge your eyes, but not so much that it looks unnatural. Your date would be mesmerised by your eyes each time your date looks at you. If eyes are windows to the soul, you have great taste in stained glass!


2. GEO TRI COLOR GREY LENS CM-901 Geo Tri Color Grey Lens (Berry Chessy) CM-901

Looking for a grey colour that’s a little more different? This grey color contact is one that blends in well with your natural eye colour, creating a nice blend of grey and what your natural eye colour is. With it being a less intense grey, people who see you for the first time may even think that it’s your natural eye colour.



3. GEO PRINCESS MIMI BAMBI SESAME GREY LENS WMM-305 Geo Princess Mimi Bambi Sesame Grey Lens WMM-305

Going for a look that shows off your cool side? Look no further than the Geo Princess Mimi Bambi Sesame Grey gyaru lens. It’ll give you an instant glint to your eye that will capture anyone’s attention, and let your date fall for your refreshing charm.



4. BLINCON BB GREY LENS Blincon BB Grey Lens

Go for a grey that incorporates colours of blue in it, and lure your date in with your intense blue-grey eyes. With such expressive colours, your date may find themselves staring into your eyes more than ever. Get them at here!



5. COLOURVUE 3 TONES GREY LENS ColourVue 3 Tones Grey Lens


This gorgeous three-toned grey lens has a dark circle around the rims, with streaks of grey, blue, and slight gold to surround the pupil. On a dark iris, the three-toned grey lens look natural in all lightings, and will not overshadow your face.

On the bright side, this particular pair is comfortable enough to wear all day, so whether your first date is for brunch, lunch, or dinner, feel free to wear it during your date!


6. FYNALE GLAMOUROUS GREY LENS Buy Fynale Glamourous Grey Lens


Having a grand night out? Look no further than the Fynale Glamourous Grey Lens, which will go nicely with smokey eye makeup. With a diameter of 14.5mm, it will make your eyes stand out, but not so much that you distract your date from your fancy dinner.


7. I.FAIRY HANA GREY LENS i.Fairy Hana Grey Lens

Want to have a cutesy effect to your entire look? Add this fairy-like effect to your eyes, and charm your date with your adorable look. Pair with florals to show your date that you know exactly what’s in trend. This pair is best to wear during an outdoor date - perhaps on a picnic?



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