10 Halloween Contact Lenses Ideas You Should Have

10 Halloween Contact Lenses Ideas You Should Have

LensVillage has got you covered for some ideas that you and your friends can try out this Halloween. We have suggested 10 awesome characters, along with the recommendations of circle lenses, wig, and costumes. LensVillage also has an extensive range of colored contacts with different styles and colors from natural looking, to Ulzzang, to Gyaru, and even anime characters or some spooky Halloween style. You name it, we have it!

1. Sophia Peletier

Cosplay contacts to wear : ColourVue Zombie Grey

The walking dead has always been in the list of ‘Best AMC shows’, and everyone is looking for the best Walking Dead costume. What other ideas can be good other than Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon? Perhaps Sophia Peletier and her doll would cause someone curling up in a ball out of fear. One of the main items for this cosplay is Sophia’s doll, and not to be missed, Sophia’s blue rainbow T-shirt, matching with LensVillage’s Zombie Grey circle lens. Sophia is here!

2. Zombie

Cosplay contacts to wear : ColourVue Crazy White Out

It is undeniable that The Walking Dead series has had a big impact on the pop culture. So guess what? Let’s join the zombie apocalypse! There’s no need for a big budget to be one of the hungry walkers that tears human flesh into shreds. Just cut some holes in your clothing and create some bloody wounds and makeup effects, put on a Crazy Whiteout circle lens or the Blind White contact lens. You might be one of the freakiest hungry walker cosplay creeping around the cameras.  

3. Lady Two-Face

Cosplay contacts to wear : ColourVue Crazy Yellow

If you’re familiar with all the DC superhero villains, Two-Face is definitely on the popular list. Bat-fans can ring in this year’s Halloween with this immortal character of the Batman Comic (whether is the male or female version, it doesn’t matter!). You don’t need to spare a lot of time sourcing for costumes, two-face has always been quite popular as a cosplay character, and all you need is just the two-face suit and the Crazy Yellow colored lens that gives you a bi-colored eye. No idea with two-face makeup? No worries! We have a makeup tutorial for you!

4. Posion Ivy

Cosplay contacts to wear : ColourVue Emerald Green

A Halloween costume doesn’t always need to be scary. Being the plant lover that you are, you can still show off your bodily curves with the Poison Ivy outfit. Don’t just stop there, go extra green with Emerald Green contact lens. 

5. Corpse Bride

Cosplay contacts to wear : ColourVue Crazy White Out

Not a villain kind of person? Go for Corpse Bride cosplay! The Corpse Bride cosplay can be eerie and ethereal, especially involving the complexly designed wedding gown. You can also bring your plus one to the party as the groom! Paint yourself in blue, put on the dead bride costume. Perfect your cosplay character with Crazy Whiteout circle lens and you are all set for the deadly Halloween night.

6. Witch

Cosplay contacts to wear : ColourVue Crazy Minotaur

A pointy hat, an old-style gown, a pair of old dusty boots and a straw broom is all you need to be a witch this Halloween. But wait, you are not all set yet! It will be just perfect to pair this look with the Crazy Minotaur circle lens. Now with this look, go cook some children up!

7. Jack Skeleton

Cosplay contacts to wear : Geo SF-16

If you want to walk down the memory lane of your childhood, you may want to consider the character in ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, being a Pumpkin King in the Halloween party. Jack skeleton is a well-known character for many years. Jack Skeleton can be the best childhood character of the night as this is the Halloween movie for most of us since young. If you prefer to makeup over Jack Skeleton mask, there are tons of makeup tutorial video for this character, along with the Geo Animaton colored lens that goes perfectly with it. Otherwise, it’s not hard to get the full costume of Jack Skeleton through the Internet too.

8. Cheshire Cat

Cosplay contacts to wear : Geo Crazy Green Lizard

Couldn’t get enough with Tim Burton’s character? Cheshire Cat from Alice in the Wonderland can be a pretty cute character if you wish to get out of the eerie or spooky kind of Halloween night. Start your costume shopping and enjoy being a fur kid with the furry Cheshire Cat costume now! Add on a pair of Crazy Green Lizard circle lens for even better results. Prepare your camera to take all cute photos from all angles.

9. Vampire

Cosplay contacts to wear : ColourVue Crazy Vampire (Red)

A classic vampire look needs no introduction, as it is still the top choice for cosplay events, especially Halloween because the look is easy to create and extremely cost efficient. Bring out those fangs and match them with a pair of Red Crazy Vampire Colored Contact Lens. It’s time for some blood!

10. Tokyo Ghoul (Ken Kaneki)

Lens to wear : ColourVue Sclera Gremlin

Manga lovers it is time to bring out your inner Tokyo Ghoul during this Halloween season. Reveal yourself Ken Kaneki! You can’t hide forever with that Sclera Gremlin circle lens on you. Gang up on other Halloweeners with your friends. Make them join the Tokyo Ghoul society. There are so many other cool Tokyo Ghoul characters to choose from!


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